How do you prune umbrella plants?

Umbrella plants can become fairly bushy plants so you’re most likely want to know how do you prune umbrella plants? Pruning is a necessary part of caring for an umbrella plant. It will keep the plant healthy and reduce its size so that it is more manageable.

Pruning, like all other houseplants, should be done without any danger of being bitten by the plant’s spiny stems. The leaves are toxic if ingested and should not be eaten or handled with bare hands.

The best time to prune umbrella plants is during the summer months from June through September. As the weather cools, the plant’s leaves and stems will absorb less water and therefore be more brittle. This is also a good time to bring them in for winter care.

How do you prune umbrella plants

You know it’s time to prune your umbrella plant when it begins to look leggy. Leaves that have yellowed and fallen off are usually a good indication that you should prune an umbrella plant.

While the best time to prune an umbrella plant is summer, it can be pruned throughout the year but you should avoid late fall through early spring. In colder months, the leaves may turn brown (especially if they were damaged) and fall off before new growth begins in the spring.

Tips for pruning your umbrella plant:

  • The first thing you should do after you’ve given the plant good watering is to trim back all the leaves so that the plant will look as refined and long as possible. You could try to prune just around the bottom of it so that it will look neat and tidy.
  • You can also go for cutting all of them off at once or doing them one by one. For those who have a problem with their hands, you can always use shears or a sharp knife instead.
  • In case you do not have a pair of scissors, you can always use a sharp knife instead.
  • When pruning your plant, it’s best to do so in the spring and summer since they’re still small and will not be as robust so they won’t be much of a problem for you.
  • If you’re alarmed by how the plant will look after pruning them, then consider them as cute little indoor plants that you can tuck away onto your table.

Cutting Overgrown Umbrella Plants

Sometimes when you haven’t had the time your umbrella plant can over grow. The best way to prune an overgrown umbrella plant is by cutting the spines off of each stem and then cut the stem off. This not only stops the pruning but it also helps to get rid of any brown spots that might be on any of your umbrella plant’s leaves.

This will stop you from getting pricked and at the same time help make your umbrella plant look better. To prune or trim an overgrown umbrella plant you have to wait until it is dry out, don’t try to prune a wet umbrellas because they are more fragile then when they are dry.

Umbrella Plant FAQs

How big do umbrella plants grow?

An umbrella plant can grow to a height of 10 feet.

How wide do umbrella plants grow?

They can reach a width of 3 feet.

How long does it take to grow an umbrella plant?

About two years.

Can umbrella plants be propagated from seed?​

No, seeds will not germinate because the embryo is dormant. Seedlings can be produced from cuttings however.

Uses of umbrella plants

Umbrella plants are used for aesthetic reasons and for the production of orchids. Orchid collectors generally encourage umbrella plant colonies to increase as they want more ornamental flowers to display at home.

How many umbrella plants can I grow?

It depends on the size of your terrace/yard. A standard size for a mature container growing is 1 gallon.

Where can I find the seeds for my own umbrella plants?

You can buy them online or you can collect them from your deceased umbrella plants and other related Orchids.

How do I plant umbrella plant seeds?

First, you’ll need to pre-soak the seeds in water for 24 hours and then sow them on top of a potting mix. Make sure that there is no direct sunlight and that the soil is constantly moist. In about six weeks time, roots will begin to sprout out of the seeds after which they can be transplanted into a bigger pot or even into a garden bed. Alternatively, you can also grow umbrella seeds through the use of cuttings.

Can you eat an umbrella plant?

No….they are hollow, however the seeds inside can be dropped and eaten by birds, who will then spread them to other places.

Are umbrella plants good for bird watching?

Yes. You can watch hundreds of different birds feeding on the nectar from your umbrella plant.

That all about how do you prune umbrella plants, if you have any further questions feel free to comment below.