Best Hanging Plants Indoor | Simple Guide

Interior design may not be everyone’s strong suit, however even the most unskilled designer knows a simple trick for producing environment: Indoor plants. Unlike art work or accent furniture, plants have an effortless means of developing dimension, design, and also permanence to a house– as well as they supply the added advantages of cleansing our air and making us happier, as well. But what are the best hanging plants indoor?

Indoor plants are absolutely having a layout moment, yet prior to you merely stick one or two in pots around your residence, let us suggest hanging them as an option. Yet how specifically should you set about it? Depending on where you’re hanging up your plant, you’ll intend to pick one that will certainly grow in the light that spot gets– whether it’s bright, tool, or reduced light, the plant scientist at on the internet plant store.

Tips for Choosing best hanging plants indoor

Below are 10 indoor hanging plants recommendations, which includes details to assist family pet owners, over-waterers, as well as neglectful owners, determine which plant is best for them. When you’ve picked one, he also suggests maintaining your degree of accessibility in mind. If you’re able to hop on a feces and also get to the pot quickly, you might incline selecting a plant that requires an once a week watering. If it’s kind of a headache to get to, you may wish to go with a plant with succulent qualities, which may just need to be sprinkled about when a month. And simply in case there’s no place to hang planters in your home, he has a few notes on that, as well. You can construct racks or relocate a side table nearby. See? There’s no factor you shouldn’t integrate a hanging plant right into your visual.

Tillandsia (Air Plant).

Why they work: Air Plants are an one-of-a-kind choice for a dangling plant due to the fact that they do not call for potting mix to expand.

How to hang them: Hang them by a string or stick inside a hanging world (simply make sure it has a huge hole for air to distribute.) Air plants call for bright, indirect light and regular water. Maintain humidity high by misting in between waterings. Also, this houseplant is pet-friendly!.

Bird’s Nest Fern.

Why they function: The Bird’s Nest Fern is identified by ripple-edged fronds that outgrow a nest-like crown.

Just how to hang them: They prefer a little extra moisture, making it a fantastic pick for a bathroom with a home window– believe immediate spa-like vibes, it’s likewise pet-friendly. It does well in low-medium light, watered weekly.


best hanging plants indoor

Why they work: Its round fleshy fallen leaves assist keep in water, so it can go a couple of more days without water than its moms and dad plants. I like how it appears like it’s reaching for the sun.

Exactly how to hang them: This pet-friendly plant needs tool indirect light to spotted sunlight but can endure low light.

Silver Philodendron

best hanging plants indoor

Why they work: Often called a ‘Silver Philodendron’, this trailing plant is identified by its wiry creeping plants as well as dark green fallen leaves with silver splotches. In the wild, the fallen leaves can be located stretched out along the ground and also climbing up trees.

Just how to hang them: They can gracefully route below a hanging planter. They succeed in medium light, sprinkled weekly.

Marble Pothos.

best hanging plants indoor

Why they function: This plant is identified by its variegated fallen leave and sturdy climbing creeping plants. This is a fantastic option for beginners since it can be conveniently circulated by stem cuttings.

Exactly how to hang them: They succeed in low-medium light, sprinkled weekly. It can endure lower light degrees than most typical houseplants.

Exactly how to Care For (as well as Propagate) Your Pothos Plant.

Staghorn Fern.

Why they function: The Staghorn fern is epiphytic– it expands holding on the sides of trees in nature! You commonly see these placed on wood plaques and also hung or grown in a streamlined planter.

Just how to hang them: These are excellent for kitchens and bathrooms. Bright light will cause them to expand their lovely particular antler-like leaves. They’re pet-friendly, as well.

String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus).

Why they function: This is an extremely Insta-worthy succulent that looks incredible. And true to call, it does certainly resemble a string of pearls!.

Exactly how to hang them: This is a little more tricky to look after since they require to be sprinkled regularly than various other succulents yet do not such as to sit in water. So they ought to be soaked in a container with drainage.


Why they work: Their distinct forms make certain to spark passion in any individual that checks out. The included rewards? They flower great smelling flowers once a year and also they’re pet-friendly.

Just how to hang them: These plants require full sun inside your home, so if you have a home window that obtains blown up with light, then this is the plant for you.

Vanda Orchid.

Why they work: Like the Cattleya, these need straight sunshine. Nonetheless, unlike the Cattleya, they can live bare root.

For the plant fans who like no mess, these overjoy.

Just how to hang them: These are the plants for over-waterers, as you need to water them daily. Enjoy their roots that hang like handmade curtains as well as their blooms yearly.

Orchids on a Stick.

Why they function: They all blossom, and some have special forms and also patterns discovered no place else in the plant kingdom.

How to hang them: These call for a little bit more interest than others, however, they are still plants, and also they are not that tough when you figure them out. Generally, you mist them once a day and soak them as soon as a week (if obtaining full sun, twice a week saturating might be the deal).