Does Chinese evergreen grow fast?

The Chinese evergreen is a super common houseplant. They are thought to be one of the most common houseplants in America, and for good reason! Chinese evergreens require little maintenance and thrive on neglect.

Chinese evergreen’s grow fast depending on what you do. But how fast do they grow?

Chinese evergreens can grow at a moderate pace in ideal conditions.  They can grow up about an inch per month, but they can be slowed down greatly in less ideal conditions. I think it’s safe to say that the Chinese evergreens growth will vary greatly depending on if you are watering it properly.

So how do you make the Chinese evergreen grow faster?

The key to speeding up the growth of your Chinese evergreeen is by watering it more frequently. The Chinese evergreen likes to be moist! This will promote growth and health of your plant.  If you’re using a dripless watering can, water the plant with more frequency. You can also mist the leaves with water.

If you’re experiencing a less than stellar growth rate from your Chinese evergreen, it could be because it isn’t getting enough nutrients. All plants need light and water to grow, but they also need nutrients to grow and thrive. Look at the soil of the plant. If your soil is moist or a bit damp, you’re probably feeding your Chinese evergreen more than it needs. Get some grow media or potting soil and feed it with a fertilizer mixed with water.

Is the growth rate of Chinese evergreen affected by humidity?

Humidity is one factor that affects growth on plants, but it’s not always an easy thing to measure. The easiest way to measure humidity in your home is with the use of a hygrometer. You can purchase one of these hygrometers online, at a home improvement store or do-it-yourself. You can then simply take the readings from the hygrometer and add them to the following scale.

A very low relative humidity of less than 20% . It is advisable to limit plants in such situations by placing them in a bright area with some natural light . Avoid direct sun exposure which could be too harsh for your plant.

A low relative humidity between 20 and 40%. It’s better if you are selecting a location that is dry. Water your plant carefully to keep the soil moist and the plant will be able to absorb water from these conditions.

A high relative humidity of 40-60%. You should place your plants in a location that is not too wet, but not too dry either. This could be in a room with natural light, an enclosed porch or on a windowsill. Prevent direct sunlight as this can be too harsh for your plant.

How much should I fertilise the Chinese evergreen to help with growth?

The amount you fertilise a Chinese evergreen is not a simple one to determine. With so many factors that affect their growth rates, it’s important to know when more is better. It will be best if you ask your local grow store for advice on what nutrients are best for your particular plant.

Chinese evergreens can benefit from a fertilizer every two weeks or about once a month. If you want the Chinese evergreen to grow quickly, they should always be fertilised and watered frequently and well. The Chinese evergreen is a very common houseplant and one that is easy to grow, but it will only continue to grow if well-tended.

How can I tell when my Chinese evergreen needs to be repotted?

The Chinese evergreen must always be repotted periodically. Every two years should suffice for most. Sometimes you may have noticed that the soil starts to get dry, or it may simply be too crowded in your pot.

If you want to make sure the Chinese evergreen is in a moist pot, you can fill up the pot with water. If it’s time to repot, the soil will not drain out of it.

When a plant is too crowded in a pot, they may have difficulty growing or even die. They also need room to grow and benefit from frequent pruning. Prune off any brown or yellowing leaves along with twiggy growth from around the base of the plant.

Should I prune my Chinese evergreeen to make it grow faster?

Prunin is an important element in the growing process of your plant. The plant must be pruned every now and then to help promote growth. Pruning not only helps the Chinese evergreen to look better, but it also promotes growth overall.

If you want your Chinese evergreen to grow faster, prune it once a month. This should allow room for the leaves and branches to get enough light for them to photosynthesise properly.

Where should I place my Chinese evergreen in a room to help it grow faster?

The location of the plant is very important when it comes to the growth of your plant. If you want your plant to look better, look for a nice location that receives the proper amount of light. For instance, a lot of plants prefer to grow in the full sun, but they still need some light from other sources like from windows or in an area with artificial light.

The Chinese evergreen is one of those plants that can thrive in almost every condition. If you want it to grow quickly, you should place the plant in a south-facing window. If your plant is in a darker room, try placing it where there is some direct light from a window.

What is the ideal temperature range for the Chinese evergreen to survive?

The Chinese evergreen generally survives temperatures between 14 and 22 degrees Celsius. This means that they can grow well in most areas of the home where there are some consistent temperatures year round.

You may have noticed that the Chinese evergreen tends to do well in areas with cool temperatures. You should place your Chinese evergreen in a room that is warm at night but keeps cool during the day. This will give it an ideal temperature range to grow and thrive.


In reality, a Chinese evergreen will grow fast depending on the environment you create for it. If you are having trouble growing a Chinese evergreen, you may need to repot it or take better care of it.

Make sure the soil stays moist and the plant gets sunlight so that it can produce more leaves. Give your Chinese evergreen some time to adjust to its new home so that it can grow properly. The Chinese evergreen is a durable plant that has proven to be sustainable for many years, despite its delicate appearance. Be sure to provide the plant with the ideal environment and it should grow into a beautiful masterpiece.

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