Do rubber plants need direct sunlight?

Do you ever question why rubber tree plants are typically marketed as houseplants at your regional yard facility? Well, that is due to the fact that they are one of the simplest you can grow. They adapt extremely well to being inside your home, and do not require a lots of service your part. But the question is do rubber plants need direct sunlight?

Rubber Plants do not need direct sunlight. In fact direct full sun can cause damage to the plant by burning it. Yes Rubber Plants love the light, but to keep your rubber plant sage make sure that it is in bright indirect sunlight. This will help your ficus thrive.

Do rubber plants need direct sunlight?

Rubber Plant Light Requirements

Rubber plants are a little bit extra exact when it comes to light. They like intense, but indirect light. That indicates a great warm space, without being right in front of the home window. If it needs to remain in some direct sunshine, it would certainly favor morning light, when the sun still isn’t too extreme. Some signs to search for are if the plant begins extending and the lower leaves decline, then your plant requires extra light. If the leaves are complete, however are sagging downwards, after that you need to lower the quantity of light.

Rubber Plant Water Requirements

Rubber plants have 2 various periods. Growing period as well as dormant season. Expanding season occurs throughout the summertime as well as this is when it needs the most water as well as suches as to be fertilized. During the dormant period, your plant requires much less water (in some cases needing water just when a month!) Just ensure that your plant is in well-draining soil, along with in a well-draining pot. This little guy despises to be being in water. Below’s a rule of thumb for your watering … if the fallen leaves turn yellow or brown and also fall off, then it is getting excessive water. If the leaves are sagging, however do not fall off, after that your plant requires more water. For more suggestions on just how to water your houseplants, click the web link here!

Rubber Plant Additional Tips

If you’re bothered with killing your plant as soon as it gets residence, after that attempt starting little. A smaller sized plant will certainly adjust much easier to a brand-new atmosphere than a bigger plant will. After that if you want it to expand quicker, you can place it outside during the summer (yet still make certain it isn’t in direct sunlight, it gets plenty of time to season, as well as it receives plenty of water). On the other hand, if you desire your rubber plant to stay smaller, keep it in a smaller sized pot as well as cut the ends once it reaches the favored height. This will quit its higher growth as well as will certainly rather urge additional branching.

A couple of even more things to keep an eye out for … Don’t position your rubber tree where there are chilly drafts. This is sure to kill your tree. And if you’re staying in a cold, breezy cellar, then think me when I state from experience that none of your ficus plants will certainly endure! You’ll be much better off with a non-tropical plant.