Do Philodendrons like to be misted?

The name philodendron is stemmed from the Greek words philo (love) and dendron (tree). This classic plant is among the most popular houseplants, as well as taken into consideration among the most convenient to grow. But do philodendrons like to be misted?

Yes, Philodendrons like to be misted because they are an exotic tropical plant. Misting the plant regularly will aid it to thrive. Greater moisture will certainly promote lavish growth and also shiny vegetation. It will endure reduced moisture degrees, however, brown leaf pointers generally indicate that the moisture level is also too low.

Do Philodendrons like to be misted

Other Philodendron Care Tips

Light: Philodendrons expand ideal in medium light and also bright indirect sunshine. Older leaves turn yellow naturally. Nonetheless, if you discover a number of yellow leaves simultaneously, it could be a sign that the plant is getting too much sun. They will tolerate low light, yet if the stems come to be leggy with numerous inches in between the fallen leaves, you may need to move the plant to a brighter place.

Watering the philodendron

Water when the top inch of soil dries out. Make sure not to overwater, given that philodendron will certainly rot if maintained soggy. If the leaves are brownish and also falling off, the plant is likely not obtaining adequate water. Saggy leaves can imply the plant is obtaining either excessive or otherwise adequate water, however they should restore as soon as you fix the concern.

Temperature conditions for the Philodendron

Temperatures: The perfect temperature for a philodendron is in between 65– 78 ° F during the day, and also around 60 ° F during the night.

Are Philodendrons Poisonous

Toxicity: Philodendron must not be consumed by pets or humans. Lacy tree philodendrons are hazardous to cats and pet dogs. Being enlightened on dangerous plants can assist you avoid any accidents all the while enjoying your plant.

Dealing with Pests and Bugs on your Philodendron

Philodendron are not susceptible to insects, but you might come across aphids and also mealybugs. You can rub out mealybugs with cotton rounds dipped in rubbing alcohol. Occasionally showering the plant with water as well as applying insecticidal soap will help maintain insects away.

Other Pointers

You’ll additionally want to keep dust off the leaves by cleaning them consistently with a soft, wet towel. Or else, the pores will certainly end up being blocked.

Revolve your lacy tree philodendron routinely to maintain an even form, and take into consideration thoroughly repotting your plant every couple of years to prevent it from rupturing a pot that is as well tiny.

If you aren’t certain you have a green thumb or if you recognize you have a brown one, the conveniently versatile philodendron may be right up your alley. Heat, light, and also dampness are the tricks to success with philodendron. In return for their treatment, they will aid enhance your indoor air high quality as well as poise your home or office with a jungle-like beauty.