Can you take cuttings from an umbrella plant?

Propagating your house plants is a great way to multiply your house plants without having to go and buy more plants. Umbrella plants have become extremely popular indoor plants and the popularity has led to people asking can you take cuttings from an umbrella plant?

Yes you can take cuttings from the umbrella plant and propagate it to create clones of your original plant. They are actually a rather easy plant to take cuttings from and propagate successfully. The key to the success of propagating the cutting is taking the cutting at the bottom of the stem which meets with the main stalk.

Can you take cuttings from an umbrella plant

How Can I Root Schefflera Cuttings? How can I root schefflera cuttings?

Rooting a schefflera cutting is pretty easy. Clean a sharp blade with an alcohol pad to avoid any type of possible spread of microorganisms to your plants. Clip off a stem near the base of the plant and wrap the cut end in a wet paper towel. Cut each fallen leave in half horizontally to reduce the amount of dampness it sheds during the rooting procedure. Fill a 6-inch (15 cm.) pot with fresh potting soil. Poke a 2-inch (5 centimeters.) opening in the dirt with a pencil.

Dip the cut end of the cutting into rooting hormone powder, area it in the hole as well as delicately pat the soil around the stem to safeguard it in place. Water the soil as well as place the pot in an area that obtains constant light yet not direct sunshine. The stem will begin to expand roots within a couple of weeks. When the plant starts to grow new environment-friendly shoots on the top, nip off the top of the shoots to encourage branching.

Additional Schefflera Plant Propagation

Rooting a schefflera cutting is not the only method to deal with schefflera plant proliferation. Some cultivators have much better good luck with layering when they intend to create a couple of brand-new plants. 8.1 M1.8 K Just How To Origin Cuttings From Plants Layering produces brand-new origins along the stem while it is still on the moms and dad plant. Eliminate the bark in a ring around a versatile stem, near the end and listed below the fallen leaves.

Bend the stem to force it right into the soil in one more nearby planter. Bury the cut component, but leave the leafy end over the soil. Hold the stem in place with a bent cable. Keep the soil moist as well as origins will develop around the place where you harmed the bark. Once brand-new development happens, clip it from the original tree. If your stems aren’t enough time to flex into one more pot, damage the bark in the same manner, then cover the location in a glob of damp sphagnum moss.

Cover the baseball-sized swelling with cling wrap, then secure it with tape. Origins will certainly expand inside the moss. When you see them through the plastic, clip off the new plant listed below the plastic, remove the covering and also plant it in a brand-new pot.

Schefflera Plant Care Instructions

There are two really important parts to appropriate schefflera treatment. The initial is right sunshine and the 2nd appertains watering. Light– Schefflera plants are average light plants, which means that they require intense yet indirect light. A common grievance concerning schefflera plants is that they get leggy and also saggy.

This issue is caused by too little light. Making certain that you are growing schefflera in the appropriate type of light will help stop leggy growth. Beyond, you do not wish to put a schefflera houseplant in straight, brilliant light, as this will melt the leaves.


When growing schefflera, be aware that watering appropriately will help to maintain your schefflera houseplant healthy and balanced. To water appropriately, wait until the dirt in the pot dries and afterwards thoroughly saturate the soil when you water. Commonly, people will over water their schefflera plant and also this will at some point kill it. Yellow fallen leaves that fall off the plant is a sign that you may be sprinkling excessive. Extra care of schefflera includes pruning as well as fertilization.


Your schefflera might likewise need to be trimmed sometimes, especially if it is not obtaining quite enough light. Trimming a schefflera is straightforward. Simply remove what you feel is disordered or leggy back to a size or form you like. Schefflera houseplants rebound rapidly from pruning and also will look even fuller and also extra rich quickly after trimming.


You do not require to feed your schefflera, but if you would love to, you can offer it a fifty percent remedy water soluble plant food once a year. Schefflera plants are dangerous to people and animals, if eaten. It is rarely fatal, however will cause a burning sensation, swelling, problem ingesting, and in serious situations, trouble breathing.